Fertilization Service

You will be amazed by what seasonal fertilization can do for the appearance and overall health of your property. Lyons team of specially trained techs understand the chemistry behind various chemical and organic fertilizers and know just how to utilize them to achieve optimum results. Scheduled fertilization services to coincide with the seasons are especially important given the unique challenges of New England weather and soil conditions.  Let Lyons develop a fertilization plan custom tailored for your property. We’ll take care of the rest.

Fertilizer Service Available

  • Lawn aeration, slice seeding, hydroseeding
  • Lawn restoration
  • Deep feeding/nourishment of lawn and planting areas
  • Poison Ivy control
  • Weed control/prevention
  • Insect (mosquito/tick) control

Residential & Commercial Maintenance Care Plans

Let us develop a custom, affordable Maintenance and Care Plan for your home or business.